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2wonder in Bali

Bali. The first time I heard about this Island was reading “Eat, pray, love”. I saw the movie and thought that’s a place i will visit. When finally you have the chance to visit a destination that you always dreamt and imagined, the journey became something incredible, even more beautiful and powerful.
Bali was a deep, spiritual and peaceful destination. We met so many people, smiling and always ready to help, so many children who greeted us and gave us some love everywhere and we understood a bit more about ourselves and us both, as a couple. It is a place that touch you inside immediately and you always bring with you because it teaches you: to be more compassionate, to appreciate what you have, to stop and looking at what you have around, to give importance to the right things. Continue Reading

Asia Beijing Travel

Itinerary Beijing

Here our itinerary, we studied for days and we are proud of it because in 5 days we manage to see a big part of this city.
1* day Beihai Park and Lake District
2* Temple of Heaven, Tienanmen Square and Forbidden City
3* Great wall
4* Summer Palace
5* Temple of Confucius and Yonghe Gong

Ed ecco il nostro tanto studiato e organizzato itinerario per 5 giorni alla scoperta dei luoghi più importanti:
1* giorno parco Beihai
2* giorno Tempio del Cielo e Piazza Tienanmen+ Città Proibita
3* giorno Muraglia Cinese
4* giorno Palazzo d’Estate
5* giorno Tempio dei Lama, Confucio 
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Asia Beijing Travel

2wonder in Beijing

5 days, end of December, where to go? Why don’t add in our list one of the Wonders of the World?!
An unusual destination, a real adventure that amaze us from the beginning, especially because we weren’t ready to see al these incredible places.
China is so different, they have peculiar behaviour, they don’t speak English, they drive like crazy and even cross the road was a challenge! But this country has a lot to give, they have incredible fancy temple, huge and clean park and we simply loved dumplings, so tasty and flawless wherever we tasted it.
We looked for days blog, travel guide, books, but organize everything wasn’t really easy. Distance can be huge, walking from A to B is impossible but don’t worry going around is not a problem, taxi are really cheap (around 2/3€ maximum) and the metro is really easy to undersand and to use.

Una meta insolita, ai confini del mondo, una vera avventura che ci ha stupiti ed emozionati. Non sapevamo bene cosa aspettarci ma questo viaggio ci ha regalato tanto fin dall’inizio.
Certo non è stato facile perché è tutto così diverso, dai comportamenti al traffico. Nessuno parla in inglese, il traffico può essere insopportabile, le persone hanno usanze un po’ particolari, i ristoranti a volte non sono pulitissimi, ma questo non vuol dire che Pechino non sia una città stupenda. Dagli enormi parchi perfetti, ai templi colorati, alla perfezione con cui preparano i dumplings in qualsiasi ristorante, tutto è ordinato e preciso.
Organizzare il viaggio e l’itinerario è stato un’impresa, le distanze tra un punto e l’altro sono enormi ma per spostarvi non avrete problemi, i taxi costano pochissimo, al massimo 2/3€ e la metro è ben gestita e facile da capire.


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